Scrotal Urethrostomy

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Scrotal Urethrostomy

The following information is taken from SMALL ANIMAL SURGERY, authors Fossum, Hedlund, Hulse, Johnson, Seim, Willard, and Carroll, and was provided by Dr. Kent Cooper, DVM.  Dr. Cooper practices in Grand Prairie, Texas and can be reached at 972-262-1581.  He has performed the following surgeries with a lot of success.  This type of surgery may allow a pet to remain alive a little longer and live a stable lifestyle, instead of putting he or she to sleep.

Scrotal Urethrostomy.  Scrotal Urethrostomy ( Fig.22 -16 ) is preferred over perineal or prepubic urethrostomy because the urethra is wider, more superficial, and surrounded by less cavernous tissues here than at other sites.   Therefore postoperative hemorrhage is less than with the other techniques.

Prescrotal Urethrotomy 

Prescrotal urethrotomy.   Prescrotal urethrotomy. ( Fig. 22-10 )  is used to remove calculi from the distal penile urethra, or to place Foley catheters into the urinary bladder if the catheter is of sufficient length and the obstruction is distal to the proposed urethrotomy. incision.  Occasionally, urethrotomy can be performed under local anesthesia with narcotic sedation in severely depressed or uremic patients.   Prescrotal urethrotomies can be left to heal by second intention; however, hemorrhage should be expected from the surgical site for 3 to 5 days ( particularly during urination ).  Primary closure is preferred to decrease postoperative bleeding if the mucosa is healthy and adequate apposition of the urethral mucosa can be achieved.   Prescrotal urethrotomy is performed similarly to prescrotal urethrotomy except that the urethral mucosa is sutured to the skin.


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